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Mural Art

Murals On Huge Public Surfaces Around The World

For the first time in history comprehensively presented in a book: The ongoing mural painting movement of this world. From graffiti to Trompe-l’œil.

The book „Mural Art – Murals on huge public surfaces around the world“ (ISBN: 978-3-939566-22-9) on more than 270 colour pages presents a great overview on mural productions and their artists from all around the world. From Europe to Africa, from America to Oceania the most famous mural artists give an insight into their backgrounds and show their most spectacular works. More than 100 of the most talented mural artists, groups and organisations are taken into focus to show the reader which amazing complexity and variety this art form has reached so far.

This book is the first comprehensive reference work in which artists from classical oil-painting to modern graffiti backgrounds are united in. All imaginable techniques to change a grey wall into a colourfull painting are represented and show, in this direct confrontation, how the boundaries between graffiti and classical painting techniques melt. On 288 pages, with hardcover and about 1000 colour pictures the reader gets an insight into the creative producing and the background of artists such as Ash, Blu, Eric Grohe, Cit Cration, Chemanius Murals, Farbfieber, Herakut, Alicia Juana, Lake, Loomit, Art Mortimer, Mural Global, The London Police, Nunca, Os Gemeos, John Pugh, Tasso, Won or WK Interact among others.

The author Kiriakos Iosifidis, himself an active mural painter and publiher of the greece graffiti magazine „Carpe Diem“, succeeded in giving an authentic overview on this genre which will enthuse the scene itself but also the art interested audience or urban planners.

Always anew surprising, confusing and fascinating.


Mural Art


Mural Art
Murals On Huge Public Surfaces Around The World
Kiriakos Iosifidis
Release Date: 11 / 2008

Languages: ENG

Hardcover, 29,7 x 21cm, 288 Pages, ca. 1000 images, 34.90 €

Genre: Graffiti / Art / Streetart
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ISBN: 978-3-939566-22-9
Status: vergriffen